As winter approaches, IRA’s home efficiency program is a holiday gift to homeowners

November 30, 2023
The IRA’s extended tax credit for home efficiency upgrades is a holiday gift that will keep on giving…through 2032! AnnDyl President and CEO Kara Saul Rinaldi shared some of the details with CNBC.

"People can look forward and plan. They may know they need insulation over their kid’s room, or need to upgrade their windows, or want to transition to cleaner fuel, but they can’t do it all today or this year."

This article originally appeared in CNBC on Thursday, November 30, 2023:

Winter is almost here, meaning the year’s coldest temperatures aren’t far off.

But homeowners can take advantage of recently enacted tax breaks to help boost their home’s efficiency, thereby trapping more heat inside and better defending against winter’s chill — and saving them money in the process.

The Energy Efficient Home Improvement tax credit, offered by the Inflation Reduction Act, can help defray homeowners’ costs on such projects — such as installing energy-efficient insulation, windows, doors and electric heat pumps — while also likely reducing the size of future heating bills, experts said. It’s worth a maximum $3,200 a year.

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