Federal home efficiency programs factor in income disparities

August 31, 2023

CEO Kara Saul Rinaldi is featured in a Grist article about how the Inflation Reduction Act’s home energy improvement programs are designed to prioritize low- and moderate-income households.

“These are advanced technologies. Therefore they often cost more, but they save more energy and help save the climate. If we want our low-income communities to invest in something that’s going to benefit everyone, like the climate, we need to provide them with additional resources.”

This article by Tik Root, originally appeared in Grist on August 31, 2023:

Making homes more efficient and more electric is critical to combating climate change. But the undertaking can be expensive and beyond the financial reach of many families. 

Help, however, is on the way.

Residential energy use accounts for one-fifth of climate-warming greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. President Biden’s landmark climate bill, the Inflation Reduction Act, takes aim at this issue by allocating $8.8 billion to home energy efficiency rebates primarily for at low- and moderate-income households.

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