CEO Kara Saul Rinaldi tells The Wall Street Journal how the IRA can help homeowners save big on home renovations

August 9, 2023

AnnDyl CEO Kara Saul Rinaldi participated in a press call about the Inflation Reduction Act’s historic $8.5 billion investment in home efficiency programs. The Wall Street Journal ran an in-depth piece detailing how homeowners can save thousands of dollars on climate-friendly renovations such as installing heat pumps, energy-efficient windows, and rooftop solar panels.

"States will announce the particulars in coming months, based on guidelines issued by the Energy Department in July. These rebates can also be stacked on top of existing tax credits and utility offers for heat pumps, solar and electric vehicles. The new rebate programs and enhanced tax credits are good through 2032."

This article by Ashlea Ebeling originally appeared in The Wall Street Journal on August 9, 2023:


Many Americans will save thousands of dollars on home renovations when new rebates for a range of energy-efficient upgrades kick in later this year. 

Buyers will receive the rebates as part of a $9 billion federal program passed by Congress in last summer’s Inflation Reduction Act. Household savings can range from hundreds of dollars for single items such as an electric cooktop or dryer to $8,000 for a heat pump or cutting home energy use by 35% or more. Those planning such projects may want to hold off until the program begins.

The size of the rebates will vary based on your household income and where you live, since the program will be administered separately by each state. 

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